Villamonte's Cuisine

Located in Sarpy County No! 2.5% Tax for Catering 
Steve Villamonte & 
Astronaut Clayton Anderson
Wedding cake
I made for my son Joe
Steve & Buffet
Christine & Hagel
Jr. in the kitchen
Arturo Valenzuela 
Steve & Lee Terry
Homeade Petit Fors
Korver & Villamonte
Steve at the Slowdown
More Pictures
Sposi Wedding cake
by Villamonte
Martin Landau & Villamonte
Joe Villamonte 
Steve & Judy Ala Carte 
Scoular Ballroom 
 Remember Sandy Hook
Villamonte Catering Kitchen
Gabe Villamonte 
Crab Cakes
Mocha Pave
Mavity Wedding cake at Fontinelle
My son is a Lincoln police officer, Yeah!
Wild mushroom canape
A table at the Omaha Press Club
Me and Todd Lemke
Shrimp & Cucumber Cream Cheese
Santa at OPC
I won & donated it 
back to the kids
Villamonte's @ Scoular
8U Select Plattsmouth
Santa at OPC
National Geography Photographer Joel Sartore
Steve & Shirley Jones 
Me &Gabe Front Row
My wife & Partner
Gabe is a really good swimmer
Will Forte & Christine
Will Forte & Steve
Fruit Display
Steve's Dad Luis in the Navy
Alexander Payne & Steve
Fireplace Display
Bruce Lauritzen & Justine Villamonte
Trev Alberts & Steve
Blackened Salmon with Pineapple Mango & Strawberries

Christine Villamonte,  Noel & Kris Stoddard

Citrus Dressed Shrimp Salad

Chris & Chef Tom
Crab Mousse Shooters

Salmon Chaud Froid