Villamonte's Cuisine

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Villamonte's signature trademarked product, The Original Classic Thunderbird Salad Dressing is available at local Omaha HyVee stores and Sysco Lincoln food service distributor (402)423-1031 Item Code #6774111. Look for the Villamonte's Cuisine logo. If you are interested in mail order please click on the link below:

Thunderbird Salad 
The Blackstone
Reubben Dressing
The Nebraska 
Cobb Salad Dressing
Villamonte's Cuisine is the only manufacturer of the Reuben Dressing world wide. A team of chefs started with the original Blackstone Hotel recipe (where the Reuben was invented) and modified the ingredients to satisfy the pallets of the expert chefs. Chef Villamonte has evolved the Reuben to what it is today and demonstrated the technique at many trade shows. Today our Reuben Sandwich including dressing has been published as the best Reuben around. The product. Available at local Omaha HyVee stores and Sysco Lincoln. (402)423-1031
Villamonte's Nebraska version of the international dressing. Has a flavor of a creamy ranch vinaigrette and chunky blue cheese all in one. A favorite for those who love the traditional Cobb salad. Available at local Omaha HyVee stores. 
Voted Omaha's Favorite Salad The Reader 2011, Food & Spirits 
Omaha Press Club Reuben made with Villamonte's Reuben dressing was Voted Omaha's Favorite Reuben The Reader 2011, Food & Spirits